Sanluc International is offering a comprehensive range of innovative products and solutions, helping the premix- and feedmanufacturers to develop and produce healthy and performing solutions for their customers.

Bag GBM Performant

GBM Performant

  • For piglets, pigs, and sows (or other monogastric animals).
  • Improved Feed Intake, DWG and FCR
  • More live-born and weaned piglets;
  • Lower mortality and morbidity.
  • Less intestinal problems (E. Coli, Enteritis, Streptococcus, Salmonella)


GBM Performant, the purest and most concentrated form of encapsulated calcium butyrate. The coating and granulation technology ensure a dust- and odor-free supplement, resisting to technologic and heat treatments.


In pig trials, GBM Performant as a functional feed-additive, has proven to increase feed intake, body weight and decrease the feed conversion rate. Effects that are attributed to the positive Gut Balance Management influences on the gut microbiome balance, the gut mucosal barrier and the immunity of the animal. All of these contribute to a healthy animal showing good performance.

GBM Enhanced

  • For all type of poultry: laying hens, broilers and breeders, turkeys, ducks
  • More eggs, egg mass and DOC. Higher laying persistence
  • Improved FCR and DWG
  • Lower mortality, less intestinal problems like:

Enteritis, Salmonella, Campylobacter

  • Higher egg shell quality and bone strength.


GBM Enhanced is a unique blend for poultry. The synergy of the ingredients supports an optimal gut health, integrity and a positive gut-microflora balance enhancing feed digestion, nutrient absorption and assimilation.


In layers and breeders, GBM Enhanced contributes to an extended  laying period and persistency of lay : less 2nd grade eggs, improved feed conversion,

lower mortality.

Bag GBM Enhanced


  • For fattening and rearing calves (milk rations)
  • Thermostable in milk up to 58°C
  • Improved growth performance
  • Improved FCR and Feed intake (solid feed, prestarters)
  • Reducing and managing intestinal imbalances


Boosting calf performances!

GBM CMR is a very small granulate including pure and concentrated encapsulated calcium butyrate ensuring a slow release in the intestine. The very small granulates make it possible it can be easily applied via the calf milk replacer.


The stimulatory effect of butyrate added into milk replacer on abomasum and small intestine development may result in higher solid feed intake. This, in turn, speeds up rumen development.


The encapsulated butyrate ensures an optimal development and integrity of the intestinal mucosa enabling maximal absorption, resulting in excellent performances and increased profits.

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  • Protecting the gut and intestinal mucosa.
  • Managing the gut microbiota balance
  • Supports the immune system
  • Improved feed efficiency
  • Dryer litter, bedding and excreta


A canopy of protection, created by nature!

Tanno-SAN is a hydrolysable tannin derived from selected sweet chestnut wood, containing high levels of polyphenols, showing beneficial effects on the digestion and hence animal performance when incorporated in animal diets.


In poultry, studies have shown the protective and inhibitory functions of tannins as a factor against colonization of intestinal mucosa with pathogens and harmful bacteria’s such as Salmonella spp., C. perfringens, E. coli a.m..


Apart from improving technical parameters in poultry production, the addition of Tanno-SAN has also a positive effect on litter quality as it increases the dry matter content of the litter reducing the incidence of footpad lesions and environmental emissions (NH3).


Studies in weaned piglets show the hydrolysable forms of tannins improved feed efficiency and reduction of intestinal bacterial proteolytic reactions.


In ruminants, Tanno-SAN improves rumen functioning and efficiency and reduces risks of rumen imbalances.  Higher protein efficiency, less NH3, Milk urea,

risk for acidosis.

Bag Tanno-SAN
Bag SAN-Power


  • For poultry, piglets, pigs and calves and other species
  • Supports the intestinal health and functioning
  • Improved FCR, FI and weight gain
  • Reduces risk of intestinal imbalances


Ensuring a powerful start!

Young animals are more vulnerable than older animals because their immune systems and tolerances are still developing. This means the risk of contracting infections, sickness, and disease is much higher in early stages of life.


SAN-Power, a hydrolysable tannin-butyrate based complex, combines the benefits of both tannins and butyrate, showing when incorporated in the animals’ diet, beneficial effects on the immune and digestive system hence resulting in healthier, better performing animals.  Might play a crucial role in AGP and ZnO replacement programs.


  • Adsorbs broad range of mycotoxins
  • Effective against Fusarium toxins
  • High net binding efficiency
  • No nutrient binding


Protection by nature!

Mycotoxins are a genuine threat to the animal production. Systematic analysis programs show 80% or even up to 100% of the crops can be contaminated.


SAN-Protect is a unique natural blend of hydrated sodium calcium aluminosilicates (HSCAS) showing high toxin binding properties. Apart from tightly binding aflatoxins, belonging to the group of polar aflatoxins, this unique combination of montmorillonite a and vermiculite type of clay, also absorbs a range of non-polar mycotoxins (e.g. vomitoxin, T-2, zearalenone).

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Bag SAN-Protect
Bag SAN-Protect Plus

SAN-Protect Plus

  • Adsorbs broad range of mycotoxins
  • Re-enfocing action against DON & Zearalenone
  • Adsorbing endotoxins
  • No nutrient binding


Do not give mycotoxines a chance!

Mycotoxins are a genuine threat to the animal production. Systematic analysis programs show 80% or even up to 100% of the crops can be contaminated.


SAN-Protect Plus is a unique blend of hydrated sodium calcium aluminosilicates (HSCAS) in combination with pyrolyzed charcoal, both showing toxin binding properties towards both polar and non-polar mycotoxins.


SAN-Protect Plus is recommended if contamination levels of DON and/or ZEA are respectively above 2500ppb and 500ppb.

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  • Promoting intestinal welfare and security (less risk of diarree)
  • Captures endo- and mycotoxins; quorum sensum properties
  • Helps maintaining health & condition
  • Safe, natural & effective


Black power!

SAN-Black is the result of the carbonization of wood in the absence of oxygen in a process known as pyrolysis. It is a pyrolyzed charcoal, made from French oak trees.


Different from activated charcoal, the specific carbonization process provides an unique structure with a specific surface area with a pore distribution of 90% meso- and macropores. The BET surface of SAN-Black is between 250 and 300 m2/g.


Due to its inert nature, there are no side effects when using in animals. It is a simple, safe, effective, and covenient way of dealing with digestive related issues in animals, leading to improved technical performance.

Bag SAN-Black
Bag SAN-Dry


  • Absorbs moisture over 3 times its mass.
  • Easily dispersible
  • Results in drier litter (less NH3, FPD, hock burns, pathogens)
  • Thermal coat for newborn piglets


SAN-Dry is a high moisture absorbing blend including mineral and vegetal absorbents. It is an off-white, free flowing powder providing a pleasant smell, strong in keeping farrowing units, creep areas and poultry litter dry.


SAN-Dry creates a more pleasant environment with lower levels of potential respiratory irritants for the animals and caretakers.

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  • Supporting intestinal functioning
  • Lowering buffering capacity of feed
  • Improved technical performances
  • Supporting the piglet to be on its best behaviour.
  • Tasty and safe for animal and human


Managing buffer capacity (ABC) in young animal diets is crucial to assure optimal stomach function, protein pre-digestion and pathogen barriers. Dietary acidification is important to create unfavorable conditions for micro-organisms and for reduction of pH and stimulation of the GI-tract enzymes.


SAN OPCL is a blend of ortho-phosphoric and other organic acids with focus on lowering the buffering capacity of feed, improving digestion and optimizing the intestinal flora. The organic acids included are citric and lactic acid.


An overwhelming portion of livestock producers consider acidifiers as an outstanding solution to enhance performance and, therefore, profitability.

Bag SAN-Acid
Bag SAN-Acid


  • Broad inhibitory activity against pathogens
  • Extra anti-mold and anti-yeast effect
  • No negative impact on feed-intake (high dosages of single acids might have)


Don’t give bugs and fungi a chance

Following the increased public awareness about the risk of developing cross-resistance of pathogens to antibiotics, organic acids have gained significant attention due to their high nutritional value and antimicrobial benefits.


SAN LFPA is a blend of organic acids, specially designed for its acidifying effects in feed and water. The acids selected are lactic, formic, propionic and acetic acid.


SAN-LFPA is available as liquid and powder. The acids used are inert and

heat stable.